:: The Relief after the Mark on the Wall ::

Relief: Act 1 -

They lie under two comforters. Always at some point her eyes would settle on two narrow pipe ends embedded in their ceiling.

You know how a moth whips and flutters and finally rests on a thing? It was like that.
As her momentary fixation fades, she returns to a feverish buzzing - the familiar clipping sound.
These pipe ends are positioned diagonally from one another. Why are these marks there?

Nearby, his eyes glare up, releasing something like an indigestion - like a discharge of thin acid that lingers through wrinkles of grey and white matter centered in the back of his skull.
Sneezing and arthritic, he feels able to run a marathon yet unable to prop his eyes open long enough to light a cigarette or to read himself to sleep.

Relief: Act 2 -

Split 8 into 10 parts.
10 into 5 on low days.
Take part 1 of the 10 in the morning, preferably with coffee and in the morning.
1 part in the evening and if at a party, take 2 parts.
Take 1 part for anger and/or 1 for focus.
If it is Friday, expect Saturday morning to feel like Siberia - cold and prickly.
Keep your bags unmarked and separate.
Expect wonderful sex.
You will love your family and your family will love you more.
Do not worry about deadlines - you will meet all of them with grace.
If you smoke, expect to smoke more.
You will be smarter.

Relief: Act 3 -

He said he could sweat his weight through these bed sheets.
He fears every day his fish will die.
Maybe he's just moody.

Relief: Act 4 -

As always, their relationship was aerial, like two acrobats - hovering - close in physicality but distant in sound.
For them, it was good to witness each other.
Like a mirrored surface, they learned to be obligated to themselves by feeling an obligation to each other.

Relief: Act 5 -

The two comforters were on sale at Ikea.
They go to a church where they see their friends.


Relief, Pooneh Maghazehe 2013, 2 Channel Loop from pooneh maghazehe on Vimeo.