Inspired in part by nineteenth-century farm and labor paintings, Cockettes’ Cusp, a series of linked narratives are forced together in Utah’s deserted Bonneville Salt Flats: histories that point to organized self reliant societies that skirt the margins of mainstream society -- the Diggers of 1649, the Digger's of the 1960s, the first drag communities (The Cockettes), and Mormonism.

The Cockettes were an offshoot of Californian hippies who chose to revive the legacy of the original seventeeth-century Diggers with motivations that were also socially driven. In these photographs, the three histories are tethered to one another and overshadowed by the blurred gap between sites of void and potential.

Cockette's Cusp
Digital C-Print, framed
30" x 40", 40" x 60"

2010, Act 1: Scene 1 

2010, Act 1: Scene 2 

2010, Act 2: Scene 1 

2010, Act 2: Scene 4 

2010, Act 3: Scene 1